june gloom

by weeping fawn

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Libby your songs are amazing. your songs always fill me with emotion and make me want to cry. they all are so passionate and i can feel so many things. its so beautiful ansley and im proud of you
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this album was written during the summer months of 2016. june gloom refers to the typically overcast and foggy weather of san francisco in the early months of summer. I spent a few weeks in mill valley over the summer; many of these songs relate back to that experience. Summertime is always weird for me, coping with musical composition resulted in this album. It's pretty minimal and all over the place in terms of genre and sound but I worked hard on it nonetheless. I hope these songs make you feel something magnificent.

the album art is a self portrait i took somewhere in the woods overlapping a landscape of mount tam.

IF you buy the album there is a super special secret bonus song and the album art background photograph!!!!! doo it!


released February 28, 2017

thanks to miles and sam for teaching me so much about music this past year

thanks to maddy, cici, frank, sammie, ethan and daniel for inspiring me



all rights reserved


weeping fawn Atlanta, Georgia

1 queer man band from atl

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Track Name: depersonalization
nothings right nothings right not right here
and if i told you you would nod politely
nothing goods going on in my head
if i told u u would smile politely as if there was a
new me new room new family
i know u don’t comprehend a thing
its like a cool dude moved into my head
but once again u don’t understand anything
so kiss me on the back of the head on my brain
where I’m already losing so much memory
if i a fall apart pls don’t laugh at me
I’ve already lost so much dignity

and if i don’t fall in love with ya
dont blame me, its a chemical fault
and kiss ur reflection, romance is not perfection
im not the one who will make u be ok
Track Name: girls
i hate ur eyes i hate the way they look so empty
and i cannot tell if they are looking thru my body baby
when we were brothers i never doubted your intentions
what became of you?
do u know what u put me through?
you were crazy and i shouldve seen that
i was crazy too but not like that
i heard the voice of self doubt
you heard the voice of violence
you tried to take my heart but i kept running baby
i thought you could be the one until you. baby?
took me to the place, and i thought that i was safe
and you made clouds and then made my eyes rain

i hate that youre miles away from me
and someone else is making you happy
the day that i met you was so long awaited did you see then how our love was faded
i dont mean to be rude but i think we were kinda stupid baby
how could we have thought, we'd only hold eachother every once in a while
and survive

i hate that you live in my neighborhood
another reason i cant wait to leave home
i hate that you still have my hospital bracelets too
you'll aways be held sweetly in my head
even though you taste so bitter on my tongue
let me say im sorry, for making you go
i dont know what i did, did i not let you grow?
was i holding you back from the sun that you needed?
was it all said and done before the leaves turned brown?
what bugs me most
is still you
is still how i want you
still how i need you
how i miss u and how i feel u
when i walk around at night and someone else is in your bedroom

girls are so stupid they make me so mad
i wish i could hold the bodies they have
maybe the next girl will keep my eyes open
maybe the next girl wont leave me so broken
Track Name: indian summer
summertime is full of eating icecream on the porch
and hangin out with miles outside my basement door
and the summer months make me so sleepy
why cant i just stay at home
the boys at school make me so queasy why cant i just be alone

and ill come home for indian summer

miles tells me what hes scared of and i listen every day
im so glad he doesnt mind ive not go much to say
my plants are growing bigger but my waist is getting thinner
all my friends they look so lovely when they smile i guess its ok and ill still feel
like shit for a while

when the winter rolls around the corner i dont get mad or cold
cause the summer makes me so angry winter makes me old
the cold is best i wish that i could keep it every day
but if i did this song would not exist and id have nothing to play
Track Name: cold coffee & agoraphobia
im sittin outside again waitin on you
im watching boys faces turn black and blue
i cant afford dinner so i go to the show
my heart was on fire i was ready to blow

and i swear i saw the sidewalk eat you up
but you just told me to shut up and put more coffee in my cup

i cant get myself up out of the bed
so you told me to just stay home instead
so you go alone and had a good night
while i layed in bed and looked into the light

and i swear i saw your face inside
but when you got home you went straight to bed and told me i was fine
Track Name: sunflower season
sunflowers rising by me on the highway
blue birds over my head in the midday
dont stumble keep sight on the path in the rain
be humble dont toughen up when i shake you

clutching you, like a love machine
fire in your fingers cradles me
coyote cradles me, grizzly bear cradles me now

tell me, are you a boy of the forest?
dirt settles in the river, grizzly bear is my sister
sunshine, breathes life back into empty hallows
can i find, a thing i'm not certain remains

here in the forest
im clutching you, spiders in my veins
tell the backyard daughter
coyote cradles you, grizzly bear cradles you now

forest sings like a love machine,
summer rain cradles me
coyote will you cradle me when all the grizzly paws have been severed?
Track Name: hello dysphoria (guy time)
its kinda funny that i havent seen ur face
its kinda funny that im peeing all over the place
and if i was a guy, it would be fine
but im just a guy who's runnin out of guy time
and when i smile i feel shit
when you smile its a miss or a hit
i wish someone would tell ya so that i could relax

whats the point of all of this
and maybe i'm not a guy
maybe i never was a girl
and maybe i wasted my time on guy time

i know that i've got some things on my chest
one is something to tell ya and the other is my breasts
and if i was a girl this would be my world
but i'm just a guy who's running out of guy time

maybe body parts don't mean shit and maybe nobody's a guy
maybe media is tricking all of us and maybe i will be fine
with guy time
Track Name: frank
well i don’t know what world ur living in
i can only hope that they’ve got all your favorite snacks
and that u still shift like a baby when you dream
the way that used to keep me up while i would sleep
i won’t forget how often i would hold ur hands
when i got mad or when i was just hanging out with u
and if ur somewhere and they don’t have dogs
i will give all my pups another kiss for u
if u look down and u see me crying
don’t be mad frank i am really trying
i will miss the way u held my hands
i hope u like the title of my band
Track Name: no fun
no sir i dont wanna have no fun tonight
dont ask me why because i wont tell you
all i see is all the pretty lights in my yes, and i am blinded by the way
i see the world around me & its killing me and i
just wanted to feel someone to be someone who didnt ask for love

no sir i dont wanna have no fun tonight
she says that all we ever do is fight

kiss me where it hurts you know that i need to feel the pain
cause if i dont then ill just be numb and that never goes away
Track Name: a really fine song
i wrote this song today ive got no other song to play
i cant find the piece of my brain that makes me feel ok
if i did id probably still feel like shit guess thats what i get for being a prick
i didnt take 6 pills this morning just to feel like i am drowning
is that a level up from not feeling anything at all
and i didnt lock the door back and my momma yelled at me
i'll never be old enough to do these things dirt covered my knees
im living off a coin jar, in imagination's backyard
its dark and cold but im not leaving
i dont hope youre okay not my business either way
i hope you dont die or feel alive until someone fucks you up inside
just like someone did to your mother, just like we continue to do to eachother
cigarettes dont tell you that theyre sorry when they hurt you
i guess thats one thing you have in common
youre a real man a real girl an real mangirl
i see it in how you look at the world
this party's getting shut down now so i'll see you on the other side of town

i wrote this song today cause ive got nothing else to play
all the songs inside my brain are being overplayed
i know its not clever or smart but just let me have my moment before i fall apart
Track Name: necromancy
I’m sorry that i wrote u a love song
i know its sadcause youve been dead for so long
everywhere i go i seem to always miss u
and since I’m a piece of shit ill rhyme that with “kiss you'

you listen to me when i lie
u even listem to me when i whine
i dont mind that its because youre dead
you still make my face turn cherry red

i really love you so i wanted to visit
but the ground is so cold when i lie here and kiss it
i'd hold your hand if you weren't a ghost
im a parasite and you’re the unfortunate host

I wish i'd been with you on that night
wish i was buried there by ur side
im so lonely you are six feet deep
my god im sure i sound like a fucking creep

but u taught me how to love myself
and not to worry about anybody else
i'd hold yourhands if they werent underground
you are the loveliest thing ive found