i breathe by cemeteries now

by weeping fawn

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some songs


released June 19, 2016

i wrote and recorded all this shit



all rights reserved


weeping fawn Atlanta, Georgia

1 queer man band from atl

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Track Name: (not) my friend
nobody likes me and you don’t have to tell me
buts its not my fault that I’m the girl i am
ill be probably live alone for a while but thats alright with me
the world keeps spinning, no matter what I’m thinking or whose breaking my bones

so if i die before i wake up
dont u dare cake me in makeup
and if die before I’m 21
bury me with whiskey on my tongue
if you never love me again
promise you won’t try to be my friend
and if i kiss you don’t tell anyone
ill be gone before i turn 21

i probably look like baby an you don’t have to tell me
but its not my fault i look 9 years old
im not a star at guitar or even writing love songs
but since you hate them i wrote this
one for you

boys are jumping off the bridge
but its not my fault that I’m the girl i am
Track Name: cake
you only like the way i taste
when you haven’t eaten in4 or 5 days
why don’t i turn myself into cake
i think people would like me better that way

so then they could take a bite
and spit out all the parts that they don’t like
so they could throw me in the garbage
and nobody’d make a fuss

i hate my little thighs i hate my big eyes
i hate the hair growing outta my head

on monday you love me on tuesday you’ll shun me
this weekendd you’ll wanna fuck and make up

im not a little girl i can’t put up with this
i hate your guts and I’m not a piece of cake

people only want me when I’m hot
but when I’m lonely they do not…. say a word to me
so i’ll turn myself in to candy
if that will make you think I’m sweet
Track Name: sounding desperate
you followed me around like a dog
never tell me what i was doing wrong
you smiled at me but i knew
cause two weeks later i meant nothing to you
you said what goes around comes around
but when will you come back around to me

i dont wanna sound desperate
but isn’t that just what i am
and when the wolves hunt for sheep at night
ill dress myself up in their skin

I’m sure you knew that id write this song
cuz you and me could never get a long
look for my heart underneath your bed
cause according to you its not in my chest
i don’t mean to be angry but I’m trying my best
Track Name: its her
her name doesn’t matter cause its those goddamn eyes
that drive me insane that keep me up at night
I’m mad that i haven’t kissed her yet
how can you miss a girl that you never met

its the dream of feeling her skin, and kissing her head all the time
far away but she is so close to my heart
that when she’s sad i feel like i could die

when she’s alone or when nobody home its me that should be in her bed
the winters hard but its worse without you near i wish i knew what happens in your head

she doesn’t know that she matters, doesn’t see her through my eyes
i couldn’t say if you asked me, how long I’ve known that she is mine
instead of counting sheep i count the days until i see her
when i cry about this girl is when i know I’m falling deeper

its the dreams of feeling her hair, and kissing her hands all the time
far away but she’s so close to my heart
that when she’s gone i feel like i could die

and when the world is asleep and they’re all counting sheep its her that should be in my bed
when i have no one and im afraid of the sun she makes me wish ill never be dead
Track Name: my mind
feel like I’m losing my mind
when i think about you all of the time
my bath waters running black
wondering if anyone cares bout.. that

feel like I’m losing my time
mary used to be a good friend of mine
darkness creeps in my chest
this darkness will drive me to my death

my body feels like a shell
and getting dressed each morning feels like hell
feel like I’m losing my mind
mary used to hold my hand every night
Track Name: lifetime lipstick mark
is there something in my head or is there something in my heart u see i cannot sleep i cannot breathe i cannot sing
the light that wakes me in the mornings always shouting out your name and telling lies and saying things i shouldn’t think about
i hear whispers on the phone
i see u when i am alone
ur moving on ur growing up but I’m not finished yet

why can’t i sing about the things i like or my friend mike calculators birthday gifts and all of my first dates

and its weird that u moved on so fast
and its sad that happy never seems to last

this house is a mess there shit covering the floors
and ill clean when i find someone worth cleaning up for

ill be a cute boy if i want
ill cut my hair and buy new socks
even if i don’t have big muscles or a mustache yet

when i drive off of the bridge
please tell my friends that i won’t miss
concrete sidewalks, cigarettes and humans littering

i want to make this place my own too bad that all i did was show u
that i am lazy and i talk with food in my mouth

and its weird that you let strangers in ur house
and its sad that “baby” never ever lasts

my hairs a mess, i grew it out so you can’t see
and ill cut it when, my baby comes back home to me
Track Name: lighting myself on fire
I wish the sun would melt the skin off of my bones
i might be dead but then at least i won’t feel so alone

im sick of begging and pleading for your love
the only time i feel alive is when it showers from above

i wish my mom would send me out of the state
i wish that god hadnt cursed me with so much hate

but theres my dog, and i know that he loves me for sure
i can tell by the way that he sleeps on my floor

if you die young then i will light myself on fire
and I’m not sleeping even though I am so tired
if you don’t want me how will i stay alive
without your tenderness i will not survive

my hair is thin when i brush it it tears right out
if you were the sun id be a dark, dark, dark cloud

I’ve got a crush on a boy who abuses drugs
and I’m a girl who’s only medicine is that boys hugs

if everyone leaves then i can light myself on fire
maybe then i can get some sleep cause god knows I’m so fucking tired
if you run away ill be right back where i started
don’t run away god knows ill be broken hearted
Track Name: ballad
you’re saying goodbye but i can’t hear a thing
cause I’m way too busy crying myself to sleep
you’re saying you don’t love me but i don’t hear a thing
im just too busy crying my poor self to sleep

you’re leaving you’re leaving
but i am just numb
since you’ll leave in the morning
ill just never wake up

i can’t tell you i miss you cause you just get mad
you forget all the times that you hurt me so bad
i won’t lay on your mattress a single night more
cause you’ll just kick me out and lock up the door

it always comes to this
why can’t i get one more kiss

you twist up my insides and make my skin crawl
you walked all over me even though you’re so small
i was a flower and now i am dirt
i light up a cigarette when i feel hurt

it always comes to this
why can’t i have one more kiss
im gonna miss your mom and dad
im gonna miss you so fucking bad